Thursday, May 27, 2010

NO GO...

Well, we did not pass. The good news is that our case looked good. The only hold up was the MOWA. They have to write a recommendation letter that is part of every case. Of course they did not. They don't have a very good record of writing the letter on time so I can't say that I am surprised. So what is next?

June 16th is our next date in court. Please pray that the letter will be there! We are so anxious to bring Isaac home. God is in complete control so I know it will happen and we will hold him soon. Just wish it was sooner....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We are one step closer to bringing our sweet baby boy home!!! We got our assigned court date for May 26th. If all things come together, Isaac will be officially an Ulm!!! Then we will move into the travel stage to bring our boy home!!! Lots of things can happen but God is in complete control and I know that he will be in our arms at the perfect moment!!! Please pray!!!