Friday, February 8, 2008

Anyone else Crazy out there?

So we usually have full weeks of plenty of places to go and people to see. I was excited last night because I knew we did not have MOPS this friday so I would be able to lounge around all morning before taking Lauren to school at 1230. WRONG! At 840 this morning as I'm cuddling in bed with Alex and Lauren starting to enjoy my leisurely morning, Jason says to me doesn't Alex have school today? Shoot! We fly out of bed, get dressed, stuff some Apple Jacks in a baggy and at 855 as Kathy (we carpool together, thank goodness) knocks on the door I'm putting Alex's coat and shoes on.

Why can't I remember he has school on Fridays? I forgot another week too when I had planned to go on the South Side in the morning.

Why do I call my kids the wrong names?

Why? Why? Why? I'm definately crazy!!

In other news, I just checked my friend, Leslie's blog and the TV strike is over!! Praise the Lord!


Faye Sommer said...

Hey there crazy mama! Just are not crazy. I think us women these days just have WAY more going on than our mothers or grandmothers ever did. I don't even have kids yet and can't seem to keep my house in order. AHHHHH. So what's this I read about the writers strike being over....IS IT TRUE????? Hit me w/ some new Grey's Anatomy :)

We need to get together. I have nothing scheduled for May. :)