Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A busy weekend

Our weekend started out on Friday afternoon with me and a wonderful friend going through about 9 bags of half eaten school lunches. That is right, Lauren got her retainer on Thursday and on Friday she threw it away at lunch!! Needless to say, we did not find it!! On to work at 7pm to work 12 hours...an uneventful night!! Home at 730...slept for about 2 hours then on to the Indy 500 parade. We had lots of fun! The parade is very fun!! Mario Lopez waved at me! (Along with everyone else in the crowd) Home by 3pm. Slept for 2 more hours then off to work another 12 hours....Praise the Lord! At 530 work called and put me on call!! I slept all night!! Sunday we ran errands and planted a garden. Strawberries, tomatoes, melon, and squash. Sunday night we had a sleep over in basement with the kids. We watched Hotel for Dogs! (Very cute) Monday we stayed around home, played in the sprinkler, rode bikes. Our first strawberry from our garden was ready to eat! It was good but the kids were wondering why there was only one!!!

In Adoption news, we officially sent in the paper work today and have to wait to hear from the agency to accept us...then unto tons of paperwork. We are debating names so we can stop calling the baby "brother" So if you have any suggestions I will take them, however don't be offended because I swear Jason can make fun of any name. At least the ones I pick out. I have tons of pictures I took from this weekend so I will try to post them soon!!