Thursday, July 29, 2010


We are leaving tomorrow morning. They called this morning to say we were cleared for travel and God provided the flights!!!!

Will update more later!!!

Got to go pack!!!


Teresa said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Talk about FAST!!!! We will totally be keeping you all in our prayers!!! If you need anything please let us know!!! We can't wait to welcome Issac HOME!!! Love, Prayers and Hugs!!!

Michelle Tiek Photography said...

What you are adopting? i'm so behind!! just found your blog! YAY!! so, so, so happy for you and isaac!!

praying for safe travels and for your family to be all together very soon!


Ranch Hand said...

Yeah! I'm confused though, your comment said the 15th...??? which is it, be cause we will be there on the 15th...maybe we could have a meal together, we'll have our girls then. ;-)

Ranch Hand said...

all right, I think I've given you long enough!!! Lookin' for updates on the new one!!!

(hee hee ha haa!)

As if you have nothing better to do!! ;-)