Monday, December 17, 2007

Where is the Snow?

I am not a huge snow fan or any cold weather for that matter but there was suppose to be 17 inches of snow and there was not. Now if it going to snow then come on and snow not just this few inches that we got and they cancel and delay everything. I am sure the people in the more Northern states sit up there and laugh at us. Oh well, the kids still had a great time helping Dad shovel the snow. Claire and I stood inside and stayed nice and warm.
On another note, I know yesterday I mentioned the Gingerbread Houses. Well, we don't eat them. However, Claire decided to be a sneaky thief and several times I caught her with icing on her face and candy in her hands. She is such a character! Atleast one of my kids will sneak candy like mommy!


Traci said...

I think you and Claire had the right idea--staying inside!