Thursday, August 20, 2009

A WhirlWind

Bears about 7 feet away (Mama and 3 cubs)

Lauren's First day of School

A Beautiful View of the Smokies

Family Picture in a Cave

Alex's First Day of School

Wow! What a crazy ride it has been since I last posted. We enjoyed the rest of summer with a trip to my parents and a trip to the Smokies before school started. I think I say this all the time but where does the time go? I really can barely keep up with it all.

Lauren started 2nd grade! She was very excited. She is such an old pro and has been giving Alex pointers!

Alex started Kindergarten. He is going in the afternoon. I informed him that he gets to go after lunch so all morning I hear "Is it lunch time yet?" He is really loving it. He has the same teacher as Lauren and we love her so we are really thankful for that.
Claire and I get to spend every afternoon together!! I have been enjoying my time with just her!! She is so sweet by herself.

Jason and I celebrated our 11th anniversary! HArd to believe!
Adoption Front: Tomorrow is our last Home Study visit!!!! YEAH! Then once we get the completed study from our social worker, we can apply for to Homeland Security. They have to approve us as parents basically and say we can bring a child into the country. That is our last major step!! We have of the other paperwork gathered. We will have to go downtown and get a few papers certified but in the big picture that is just a minor detail. So we hope to be DTE (adoption slang for Dossier to Ethiopia) by Oct/Nov!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It does not seem real to me! God is so Good!


jamullins said...

Hope you are DTE very soon! Can't wait to follow your adoption journey!