Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It has been awhile since I have posted anything. The holidays were great and very busy!!

Our wait for Isaac has been fairly easy so far. I think Christmas and all the things we had going on really helped.

Today, I found out that we are "on-deck". That is our adoption agency lingo for we are getting close for our referral call and to see sweet Isaac's face for the first time. Still don't know when that will be. Only the Lord does!

Please pray that I don't have a heart attack every time the phone rings!! I think I will be jumpy for a while!!!



jamullins said... close! Yes, you will jump every time the phone rings and you will get mad at your friends for calling for no good reason. :)

Teresa said...

I know I will hear your screams of joy and excitment when the phone rings and they say "you have a son" ~ then you have to call and I'll run right over so we can celebrate with you all:) We can't wait to welcome your baby boy home to IN:)