Sunday, April 18, 2010

There are no words!!!

I am a little behind in posting this on here but.....We received our referral for a 2 month old beautiful baby boy! We actually got the call on April 8th! We were on are way home from vacation. It was really cool because we were all together. Really there no words to describe the feelings that we have right now. We are in of awe of God's plans for our lives and feel blessed that He has chosen us to raise Isaac as well as our other three.

Now we wait on a court date. Once we pass court, we will be able to post pictures and then we will move into the waiting phase of getting ready to travel. We know that he will not be there one more day than he is suppose to be and that God's strong arms are wrapped around our Isaac. Can't wait to have my arms around him too!!


wrightn23 said...

Issac is BEAUTIFUL!!! We have thought about you all daily since you were over and we saw his precious little picture!! We can't wait for him to arrive too!! You are sooo right ~ God already knows the exact day you will be united with your son and He has it all planned out perfectly!! Congratulations!!

Teresa said...

Sorry, Kelly, the above comment is from us..I didn't know Nicholas was logged in the computer and it allowed me to post to a blog ~ he is excited for you all as well:)

Hollands said...

Congratulations on your sweet son! God is gracious, isn't He?

Crazy Roots in Africa said...

Can't wait to see pics of him. Praying for God's provision and plan to be quick and forthcoming! It's going to be a crazy few months for you guys! Now the hard part starts. . . . Enjoy! It's all worth it!

Ranch Hand said...

I'm so EXCITED for your family!!! I keep checking about once a week to see if you had any updates! I will pray that court goes smoothly for you.